S. Crispino

The only preservative we use is the cold . We do not use any chemical emulsifier or artificial colouring, or chemical preservatives.



When ice-cream leaves the whisking maker (called a mantecatore) it has a temperature of –8°/-10°C, it is soft and creamy, and perfect for eating.


The temperature is immediately brought down to –40°C; and the mix becomes as hard as glass. In this way the ice-cream is kept in an optimal state, just as when it comes out of the maker.


From this time on the ice-cream is kept and transported at a temperature of –35°C, until the moment it is eaten, when the temperature must be raised from –35°C to –8/-10°C: so that the product can regain its initial creaminess and be tasted.


  It should be remembered that ice-cream is the only foodstuff that is consumed at a temperature below freezing. This means that the storage and consumption temperatures are in the same range, and so when the ice-cream softens it does not undergo any structural alteration to its physical and organoleptic properties.