Summer is approaching and, as always, the pang for ice-cream is returning. The time has come to check out any new Gelaterie, but we cannot forget to mention once again Il gelato di “San Crispino” which, in our opinion, is Rome's best gelateria. It is run by two brothers from Alto Adige and by their wives, and in just a few years it has taken on the mantle of the city's best ice-cream parlour. They do of course have a secret: they do not use emulsifiers, colourings, additives, bases or other “aids”. All ingredients are prime choices: eggs, milk, liqueurs, chocolate, etc. Product supplies are under continual scrutiny, and they never tire of experimenting on and perfecting each product. Ice-cream cones for example have been eliminated because they contain colourings. So we can gorge ourselves with a delicious tub of this shop's “classics”: zabaione (prepared with “Marsala Da Bartoli” 20-year-old reserve), rum (Clement della Martinica), the more costly (but it is worth it), lemon sorbet with “Calvados Château millesimé” of 1973. The usual flavours are still there of course, such as pistachio (with the surprise that the colour is not the brilliant tint we are accustomed to seeing, but a rather dull-looking green, with real crumbled pistachios…), peach, chocolate, banana and so on. One word of advice however: try not to go during peak periods: there is the danger of long queues and hours spent holding a ticket.

- 08/06/2022 -