Il Gelato di San Crispino
Via Acaia, 56, San Giovanni (70 45 04 12). Bus to Piazza Tuscolo. Open 11am-midnight Mon. Wed-Sun. Branch Via della Panetteria, 42 (67 93 924). Metro Barberini/bus to Via del Tritone. Open 10am-1am Mon. Wed. Sun; 10am-2am Fri-Sat.
Far and away the best ice-cream in Rome – some would say the world. The secret of brothers Giuseppe and Pasquale Alongi is an obsessive control over the whole process, from the selection of ingredients through to the preparation method. Flavours change according to what’s around at the market – in summer lampone (raspberry) and susine (yellow plum) are mouth-watering. There’s even a funghi flavour in autumn. Don’t even think of asking for a cone: only tubs are allowed, as they’interfere less with the purity of the product’.

- 3rd Edition 1998 -