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The best ice-cream in Rome
“Making good ice-cream is like winning a prize in the lottery. You have to hit on the right combination of flavors, and this is where personal taste comes in,” according to the Alongi Brothers, who were born and raised in Alto Adige in northeast Italy. One was to become a doctor, the other a lawyer. Instead, they ended up making the best ice-cream in Rome. They personally create the famous ice-cream of San Crispino in their stores in Via della Panetteria and Via Acaia. Sons of an Austrian mother and a Sicilian father, Pasquale and Peppino Alongi brought to Rome the strict discipline of central Europe in method, wedded to the ebullient inventiveness of the south.
The result is a product of the highest quality. They use no chemical additives, nor even natural ones. Conservation is entrusted simply to the cold. As an emulsive, they use egg yolk. They spare no expense in the search for good raw materials; quality comes first. Wild strawberries, pink grapefruit, melons and blackcurrants are supplied by the Crescenzi fruit store, one of the most prestigious in the city, which boasts of always having prime selected fruit. The pistachio nuts, for example, arrive directly from Bronte, a small town on the slopes of Etna in Sicily. The hazelnuts are from the Langhe district in Piedmont. The zabaglione is prepared with De Bartoli Marsala, aged thirty years. The cream is still whipped mechanically. Their speciality is “Gelato di San Crispino”, prepared with honey flavored with arbutus from a WWF reserve in Sardinia. And for those who want a really good coffee ice-cream, here only Blue Mountain is used; it’s a high quality, single-bean coffee from Jamaica.

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