The temples of Roman ice cream

by Stefano Bonilli

Let us commence with the current number one, the best gelateria in Rome and environs, Il Gelato di San Crispino, located near piazza Zama. Only recently opened, it is run by two brothers from Merano. They are the best, because they combine fantasy with the freshest and most seasonal raw materials, use perfect recipes, have an intense desire to experiment and deliver an ice-cream unrivalled in terms of quality. Panna, crema and chocolate are of course available, but I'm sure customers do not go there to miss the rum flavour with Clement della Martinica, the strawberry made with small wild strawberries or the pineapple. And up to this point almost anybody can do the job. But if you add that the perfectly ripe fruit comes from the Ivory Coast, then you will appreciate that this is quite an unusual gelateria. And what can one say about the zabaione al Marsala, the Marsala being a De Bartoli reserve of 1972?

- 11 July 2022 -