S. Crispino

We sell our product in three lines:

1) Loose, by weight, in small tubs or containers to take away, filled according to our customer's wishes in our shops in Rome.

2) In 500cc isothermal, single-flavour packs (weighing from 310 to 450 grams according to density) that we supply to a small number of delicatessen shops and chemists.

3) In individual 70-gram servings, (packaged in coextruded polyethylene film suitable for direct contact with food), chiefly to be sold in hotels, restaurants and top-quality cafés.

Our production is reserved for a select target (in terms of quality and price) . It may however be increased thanks to the processes described for the packing line.
We have thus sought to deliver our products all over Europe with our refrigerated vehicles to ensure quality.
Overseas shipping is also possible, using refrigerated containers. In these cases of course amounts must be such as to make transportation worthwhile, and work must be planned taking preparation times into due account.
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