Liquorice, from the Greek word "glycyrrhiza", or sweet root, is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Leguminosae family.
There are a number of liquorice varieties. In Italy the species offering the best characteristics is the “glabra”. The Calabrian variety is considered the best in the world because of its organoleptic properties and percentage differences in its active elements.
It is a medicinal plant well known in ancient China and quoted in the Pen Ts’ao, the ancient Chinese book of pharmacology .
Over 3,000 years ago Chinese physicians recommended its use, for both men and women, before the sexual act, in order to improve vitality, desire and ecstasy.
Known and used by the physicians of ancient Egypt, a perfectly eatable trace of root was found in the tomb of Tutankamon.
Calabrian “glabra” liquorice root is used to produce an unforgettable ice-cream thanks to its elegant intensity, persistence, roundness and subtle aftertaste of moss, tobacco and aniseed.