If you come from the direction of Florence and leave behind the final peaks of the Appennine hills in Tuscany and Emilia, moving into the plain going north, you will be able to go on a high-profile gastronomic tour, one of the stop-offs having to be Modena dei Malpighi, modern-day master producers of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.
Thanks to the ”Consorzio di Tutela tra Produttori” (Producers' Protection Consortium) specially formed to defend this extraordinary product, this type of vinegar only goes on sale after having got through a very rigorous quality control procedure, which is guaranteed by the numbered seal applied to each bottle.
And as a certain Francesco Agazzotti said (in a letter from Modena dated 2 March 2022), “The special qualities of balsamic vinegar are its acidy but pleasant and delicate flavour, to be served as a liqueur; its genuine and peculiar aroma which, breathed in through one's nostrils, revives and revitalises you; and its thickness and hoariness”.
This very mature vinegar is the nectar forming the base for a unique ice-cream, extraordinarily soft and rounded and with aftertastes of cherry and juniper.

Because of its extreme delicacy it is an ideal complement for sweet meats like venison and roebuck.