An extremely delicate "arbutus-berry" honey ice cream, with the honey being collected in Sardinia in a W.W.F. reserve, where bees work peacefully in an unpolluted atmosphere!
The arbutus is a wild Mediterranean plant like the myrtle, mastic and heather, which grow naturally along Italy's coastline.
Its scientific name, “Arbustus Unedo”is the name given to Italy's arbutus to distinguish it from exotic species; its white flowers are like little cups hanging in bunches from the branches. They open from October to February (which is thus also the period for collecting honey) and mingle with red fruits, so-called “sea cherries”, which ripen in the same period and stand out against the shiny evergreen leaves.
Worked by hand, the honey is not filtered, thus maintaining all of its fragrance and its genuine and complex flavours and aromas, rendering it the best bitter honey around.
The moderate quantities of fat and sugar in this recipe help to highlight the special organoleptic properties of the honey.

This ice-cream goes very well with cheeses such as Gorgonzola and Camembert.