In 1997 a farm near Siena in Tuscany (the ARS Allevatori Riuniti di Sovicille) was chosen by a medical-scientific committee for an experiment: the production of milk having a high content of omega3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, obtained exclusively through feed given to cows.
The results of tests carried out after 14 months of experimentation (during the course of which the experimental protocol contemplated different product doses by head and by day) showed without a shadow of a doubt that it was possible to produce foodstuffs of animal origin with a high omega3 content through an appropriate cattle feeding plan, by way of an alternative to the industrial enrichment of foodstuffs, and that despite the significant transfer of these polyunsaturated fatty acids to milk production no organoleptic problems were associated with this, such as unusual or unpleasant taste or smells (as of fish), as had been feared.
The milk and ricotta cheese produced at this farm are the ‘protagonists’ of our soft ice-cream; the result is surprising, with the balanced contribution of the various ingredients, making for a very enjoyable product.