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San Crispino ice cream in single-use 70g pack

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The Brumby is sold in a polypropylene film food wrapper, giving the product a sausage-like appearance.
This pack is ideal for protecting the quality of our product, and can be sold in restaurants, bars and general outlets that employ staff untrained to handle specialist products.
This type of packaging is suitable for small-scale production, since the product is taken to the end of the production cycle and, prior to packaging, is already in the solid state: an essential condition for maintaining the quality of the product. At this point, a “bagger” cooled to the same temperature as the ice cream pushes the product into a polypropylene food tube and cuts it into single 70g portions, which are kept at -40°C

Keep until delivery at a real temperature of no more than -23°C. This is possible with any good freezer!

Remove the portion from the protective wrapping as soon as you take it from the freezer to prevent the product from softening and remaining stuck to the film. Cut the two ends with a jagged knife and then make a lengthways cut.

Before serving the Brumby (in a glass when preparing a sorbet, in a cup or on a plate when making a more elaborate dish), allow the product to soften, since deep freezing, indispensable for perfect storage, is an enemy of our taste buds, toning down or even destroying many of the more delicate flavours!

Unlike recommendations for its presentation at the table, to eat a Brumby like a cone, in a plastic cup, the ice cream should be served as soon as it is removed from the freezer, in its solid state, and tasted directly so as to allow the flavours to spread slowly around the mouth. In this way the customer will be able to enjoy an extraordinary dessert.


1 ­ Hygiene when storing the product in the freezer.
2 ­ Absence of oxidative processes: the ice cream makes no contact with the air, since it is protected by the polypropylene film (with considerable organoleptic benefits).
3 ­ Practical, prevents deterioration: as the portion is not taken from a larger container removed from the freezer, it is possible to avoid the consequent thermal shock suffered by the remaining product in the container every time this operation is performed!
4 ­ No waste: the single-use portion is removed from its wrapping as soon as it is taken from the freezer, thus it is still solid and no bits of ice cream cling to the film.
5 ­ Easy to store in freezer: a box of 15 “Brumbies” measures 21.5 x 12.5 x 10.5 cm.


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