S. Crispino
  Our business, as happens very often, is the result of a bet: is it still possible, we wondered, and profitable to produce ice-creams while at the same time observing the rules and achieving the aims given below?


- Use only the best quality raw materials, irrespective of cost.

- Eliminate the use of artificial preservatives, chemical emulsifiers, frozen foods and sundry mixes.

- Guarantee the "cold chain", from production to consumption.

- Make sure the product does not reach the consumer when the slightest of errors that only an expert could detect but that can always crop up during production may endanger the goodness of the end product.


- Experiment constantly in search of new ideas, possibly going back to old recipes, bringing them up to date with modern tastes and learning to work with ingredients that have fallen into oblivion. This is the case for our honey-based ice-cream, "Il gelato di San Crispino", inspired by a famous Buontalenti recipe.

- Provide customers with a product to be consumed immediately or to be kept perfectly and for a long time, with the aid of low temperatures only.

- Win over an "army" of sophisticated connoisseurs, who can appreciate the subtleties in flavours and fragrances obtained by observing the above criteria.

- Strike a balance between work performed by hand, irreplaceable for some operations, and a price that is higher than usual but still affordable.

- Stand up successfully to the danger of standardised flavours, getting taste buds re-accustomed to the genuine article.

The critical and popular success of Il gelato di San Crispino, obtained in a brief time span, proves that the bet has been won. The satisfaction is the greater considering that the firm was formed just a short time before the inauguration of the first shop in the suburbs of Rome, in the St John quarter of the capital.