About us

About usS.C. in Via Della Panetteria - Trevi - Roma

Since the beginning of the 90’s, Pasquale, Giuseppe Alongi and Paola Nesci
have followed every day without fail, the same philosophy: ‘our clients are true connoisseurs, so we must use the  finest natural ingredients to create the  flavours and scents which we know they will expect and appreciate’
This is how San Crispino gourmet ice cream is distinguishing itself through care, attention, quality of the ingredients and absence of artificial colourings, preservatives or chemical emulsifiers.
In Rome’s historical workshop, San Crispino ice cream craftsmen are always in search
of a new balance of  flavours. They create further combinations and revise old recipes adapting them to modern taste, thus producing new creations from ingredients nowadays forgotten.
San Crispino ice cream is made to be enjoyed either as soon as it is complete or to be stored at a low temperature for a long time, its sensuous properties remaining untouched due to the constant care that applies at every step during ice cream manufacturing, beginning with the use of fresh raw materials up to the strict observance of the cold chain.
Only excellent products reach the San Crispino display case after rigorous selection; they
are the result of passion, patient hard work and experience.